I appreciate the specified treble lift on the 49 is attainable using other means with the 87, but I couldn't find a response curve for the 87 and therefore presume it's flat, which is what makes it a good alrounder. Should I get a U87, or a TLM 49? When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. In fact it beats a very good Peluso capsuled F47 style tube mic most times (depending on the material). Dealer Description . I love the shape and style of the 49, but the 67 looks pretty sexy as well - important for on-camera work I'll be doing mostly. I love the U87 sound, so someone recommended the TLM67 for coming kind of close, and also like the TLM 49 smooth sound as well - at least from listening to demos and ready the frequency response graphs. The other … On a side note - the TLM is aimed to the mouth, the U87 to the nose/forehead (and this mic is allready "nasal") + the Portico preamp is somewhat soft in the HF. TLM 49 cardioid better than U87 for vocal booth? The TLM 49 uses the same K 47 capsule and the iconic large headgrille design of Neumann’s legendary M 49, but instead of electron tubes the TLM 49 relies on trouble free FET circuitry with a special sound design for smooth vocals and acoustic instruments with timeless elegance. I have heard that the 49 has a narrower pattern and would therefore be better for a small enclosed space. The first one because it gets pretty good reviews and doesn't seem to suffer from some of the extra high end that I've heard the TLM 103 does, and the U87 because, well, it's the U87. Couldn't be more impressed with my 49, so I'd agree with those pointing to the preamp. I have 4 mics that are mainly for vocals, and I'd say the 49 is used maybe 70% of the time-sometimes stereoed, sometimes solo. Flip the mic positions and the preamps and the U87 will be brighter and more foreward. Hey there! The TLM 49 is my main mic for vocals, never been harsh for me. Vintage Sound with New Technology. yes, its not completely scientific mic comparison as it includes preamp, though U87 contains transformer and PORTICO is relatively clean … Learn more. I have a 4X4 Whisper Room that is well-treated on the inside----it's completely covered with 4-inch thick OC 703 panels and OC 705 in the corners. I want to aspire to U87 and can just about afford it, but was worried I was being sold the hype and would actually find the 49 better for vox. Specifically, the two models that I'm eyeing are the TLM 102 and the U87.