A new way of learning English called the Lexical Approach has been helping students to speak more like real native English speakers do. If you would like to learn more, read on! But in real life, English speakers do not speak formally. Native English speakers do not even always use good grammar! Video Text: In today’s video, we’re going to go over how to speak English fast. Here are 8 tips you can follow to speak English like a native speaker: 1Acquire the interest and accent. You’ll find that English slang has regional differences, so using distinctive words like the locals is key sounding more like a native. And we’re also going to go over one mistake you wanna make sure you avoid when you’re trying to pick up your pace speaking English. What most people possibly mean by “native English” is “Native American”, or “Native British”, or “Native Australian” etc (it’s subjective). Similarly, the ideal way to speak English or speak like a native speaker is to keep speaking with the correct accent and grammar. American English is FAST! Being able to speak and sound like a native speaker. For instance, a Brit may say that they’re “ knackered ” while an American from the south use “ … In order to talk like a native English speaker, you need to master English pronunciation. It’s every English student’s dream. A few tips to help you speak like a native English speaker Contractions First, learn how to use contractions. Like idioms, slang is regularly used by native speakers, almost unconsciously. Native English speakers are often lazy when they speak. Achieving that sort of “nativeness” in speech would not only be unrealistic for most learners, but also for native speakers themselves, for example for Americans who want to speak like Australians and vice versa. American Accent and Pronunciation Online Program for Non-Native English Speakers Who Wants to Speak Like an American. So what does real life English sound like? A good first step would be to find a suitably qualified native English teacher with experience in this area, like our staff at MyEnglishTeacher.eu. Motivation, Repetition and Exposure -- … Let me show you everything you need to speak FAST like a native speaker. shares.