Following is a list of the most commonly used mobile advertising formats. 17+ Banner Ad Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download ... then use the mobile ad sample banner template for the advertisement. However, in a world that is more in love with interactive rich media ads, banner … Your app is now ready to display banner ads. 1. Best interactive advertising examples. Note: Many of the following examples overlap with each other. So it’s no wonder that the mobile advertising spend now accounts for two-thirds of the overall digital spend.. Google Ads, Facebook and Unity (in Europe, the Middle East and Africa) are the top 3 mobile advertising channels in terms of ROI. Note: If your ad fails to load, you don't need to explicitly request another one as long as you've configured your ad unit to refresh; the Google Mobile Ads SDK respects any refresh rate you specified in the AdMob UI. Here are the top performing ad sizes, according to Google: 300×250 (medium rectangle) 336×280 (large rectangle) 728×90 (leaderboard) 300×600 (half page) 320×100 (large mobile banner) Other well-performing banner ad … For instance, an interactive video ad can be a mobile playable ad on Facebook. That's it! Digital Social media. A wide variety of Facebook interactive ads … The web design banner ad sample template is a simple and beautifully designed sample ad banner … Banner ads are the oldest version of mobile ads. Ad … Forget just banner ads – mobile advertising formats today include SMS text messages, interactive ads, rich-media ads… The origin of banner advertising can be traced back to web marketing. If you haven't enabled refresh, you will need to issue a new request. Banner Ad Sizes. Banner advertising. Some banner ad sizes are more successful than others.