But 13 years ago, he stopped eating chocolate because he found out about the bugs that were in all chocolate. But there’s a big difference between the milk chocolate candy bars you tend to reach for at the gas station cash register and organic, raw cacao. This article mentioned cocoa-which is the processed cacao which has a different nutritional value as raw cacoa. Cocoa vs. cacao vs. chocolate It’s a well studied phenomenon that chocolate makes us feel good, that’s one of the reasons it’s so popular as a Valentines Day treat.The happy cozy feelings associated with chocolate … The key to getting the most benefit is making your own chocolate, or consuming raw chocolate, as studies have found that by adding dairy to cacao, it stops you from absorbing the … (I mentioned that in my last article about cacao.) With all the excitement about raw chocolate and all the benefits… Raw cacao truly is nature’s antidepressant. A natural mood booster and antidepressant. I thought the benefits often cited relate to cacoa and not cocoa, which … A little skepticism is understandable. You’ve probably heard chocolate isn’t the healthiest thing you can eat. 1.