Military Mode S Search Look up Civil & Military Hex Codes to learn the planes homebase, squadron, aircraft type as well as see its flight history from our data 12/02/20 14:40:16 UTC 264.625 MHz TAMPA, FL COLT 31 See decommissioned military aircraft for sale to civilians. “Bill” Walker’s life long passion project was his “Canadian Military Aircraft Serial Numbers” website. Publisher - Current Organization Name: Transport Canada These small books contained American fighters and bombers that I had never heard of. I have included a bibliography, and an outline of the different designation systems, Types.xls. At least one of the fields must be filled in. Landings Civilian Aircraft Registration Database: List of Preserved Military Aircraft: Max Conrad Website: Pacific Ghosts database: Pacific Wrecks database: SAR 303 Squadron (Netherlands) Simon Beck's US Warplanes Site: Scramble Military Serial Number Database: See How It Flies: Skytamer Images Homepage AIRFIGHTERS.COM - Military Aircraft Photos. Danish Aircraft Database: Historical Aircraft Registrations Since 1920 Danish Civil Aircraft Register (OY-REG) Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority (.xls format, Luftfartøjsregistret) Aircraft tail number search data and the related APIs are ready to download. By using this website you agree to our privacy policy! Federal Aviation Administration. As much as I would like too, I have not included any photographs or drawings. Military Aircraft Register (MAR). If you have seen a certain aircraft of which you want to know more about, or if you have seen an aircraft code but you could not read the serial, you have found the right spot . Including these would require much more space and getting permission for so much would involve a great deal of extra effort. As a member you get access to all our premium content and benefits learn more. Any questions can be by email Aircraft Registration Branch , or you can call 1-866-762-9434, or 405-954-3116. In case your business or the software you are developing aims tracking a certain aircraft tail number or provide a complete, user-friendly airplane tail numbers list, you can achieve that with our database. LANDINGS - aviation meeting place featuring: aviation news, up to date aviation databases (FAA Regulations, AIM, SDRs, NTSB Briefs, N Numbers and more), pilot weather, expert advice forums, focused links, and more. Military pilots and troops who maintain aircraft are overworked and undertrained, contributing to more than 6,000 aviation accidents since 2013 that have killed 224 service members, according to a new congressionally mandated Search for aircraft on the G-INFO database. I wondered what a P-37, B-18, or P-52 might have looked like. NASA Lockheed’s F-104 “Starfighter” was first introduced in the late 1950s and was active in militaries across the globe until the early 2000s. Explanatory Notes. Two books started to fill in the gaps for me. Basic Search: Search the C6-Number Database for a Single Registration (quickest). Much of the serial number information comes from postings on the The Aerodrome Forum. Aircraft Type. This led to the Allies' use of code names during World War II, and these code names are still better known in English-language texts than the real Japanese names for the aircraft. Limited registration information. The Fourth Registration, often referred to as the "old man's registration", was conducted on 27 April 1942. You may use the tail portion of the serial number, if that is all that you know. Aircraft Type Search: Returns Multiple Matches (up to 100). You can search on any combination of these fields. Clear Show Results Wild cards (*, %, ? Aerofiles Source of cost-free reference material for aviation historians, researchers, writers, and scholars. AW GZ PS QQ RP SE VA VB VD VE VF VG VH VI VJ VK VL VM VN VP VR VS VT VV VW VX VZ WA WB WD WE WF WG WH WJ WK WL WM WN WP WR WS WT WV WW WX WZ XA XB XD XE XF XG XH XJ XK XL XM XN XP XR XS XT XV XW XX XY XZ ZA ZB ZD ZE ZF ZG ZH ZJ ZK ZM ZP ZR ZT ZZ. Our simple to use software allows you to store trips, aircraft sightings and photos, print trip reports and view other spotters aircraft sightings. From your PC, or from your phone while at the airport, you can now find out exactly what that aircraft … FlightAware is currently only able to display limited information for aircraft that is not identified with a United States “N-Number” (e.g., N123AB) Owner/Holder. Most military records are on paper or microfilm and you’ll need to request printed copies to be mailed to you. Most everyone has heard of famous U.S. military aircraft such as the P-38, P-51, and B-17. This website uses cookies to offer you the best experience of our services. These numbers are located on the aircraft tail, so they are sometimes referred to unofficially as "tail numbers". This tool helps identify the possible aircraft based on the serial number patterns. Registration PH-BUA, PHBUA, BUA, PH-B, %UA. The ASN Safety Database, updated daily, contains descriptions of over airliner, military transport category aircraft and corporate jet aircraft safety occurrences since 1919. Displays current and historical ownership, summary SDR, Accident, and other related data for aircraft Construction Number Search: Returns Multiple Serial Numbers (up to 100). Currently this covers the J - ZZ series that were active from the 1930s till date. Aircraft registration search made easy! format unless otherwise specified Airline/Op: Airline or operator of the aircraft Flight #: