These might include; preserving the local culture and heritage; strengthening communities; provision of social services; commercialisation of culture and art; revitalisation of customs and art forms and the preservation of heritage. Income from tourism may be used to help conserve the natural environment that is the reason why visitors come in the first place. Some LEDC's relyon tourism as their principle industry so much that when a problem occurs they have to work very quickly to rectify it. For example, some countries suffered from a fall in tourism after the 2004 Asian Tsunami and tourists were encouraged to leave Tunisia and Egypt during protests and unrest in 2011. In many resorts in LEDC's very little of the money paid for the holiday actually reaches the country. In order to ensure that the economic impacts of tourism are maximised, careful management of the tourism industry is required. Most people think of tourism in terms of economic impacts, jobs, and taxes. These hotels may also take trade away from local guesthouses and hotels. Compared to manufacturing, tourism has become more popular as an industry as it doesnt damage the environment significantly. ‘ The suffix … Tourism brings much needed investment into an area. Tourism often puts pressure on natural resources through over-consumption, often in places where resources are already scarce. impacts of tourism to a community are not widely understood – even where tourism is growing dramatically and should be of the greatest interest or concern. Weather conditions, forecasts and analysis for the UK and the world. The huge number of tourists coming to see it could easily damage the environment. This is because they involve providing a service to other people. This is certainly the case with some Masai tribes in Kenya and Maori's in New Zealand. Social changes: When the visitors appreciate the culture of the country, the local communities are filled with a sense of pride and self-confidence. Most of these are tertiary jobs. This can have both positive and negative impacts on the area. This is because they involve providing a service to other people. The Positive Impact of Tourism on the Economy. Positive economic impacts of tourism. But, unfortunately, if people don’t travel sustainably tourism can have many negative effects on any given area. Tourism is an industry that drives people to travel for recreation and leisure. Tourism can provide jobs and improve the wealth of an area. It is very easy for a country to see the short-term economic gains of mass tourism without really taking heed of the long-term environmental damage going on. IMPACT OF TOURISM IN INDIA Tourism industry in India has several positive and negative impacts on the economy and society. ‘ This meaning changed in modern English to represent ‘one’s turn. There are many social benefits of tourism, demonstrating positive social impacts. Economic impacts of tourism: Conclusion. Theobald (1994) suggested that etymologically, the word “tour” is derived from the Latin ‘tornare’ and the Greek ‘tornos,’ meaning ‘a lathe or circle; the movement around a central point or axis. Tourists buy the local artifacts from the people helping them to raise their living standards. Tourism may help to preserve local cultures and communities, as they become a tourist attraction. If it is an LEDC, the foreign currency is very important to the local people. In both the United Kingdom and in countries in the developing world tourism has been the catalyst for economic growth. They may almost become a freak show, where the visitors begin to look down on the locals as different. Without the tourist industry some less developed countries would have a much greater unemployment problem. The positive and negative effects (impact) of the Tourism industry has classified into the social & cultural impact, economic impact and environmental impact. However, the range of impacts from tourism is … There are three broad effects at the local level: the commodification of culture, the demonstration effect, and the acculturation of another c… Tourism has the power to uplift communities from poverty, but at the same time, it can destroy their identity. Some locals even produced T-shirts the next day saying how they had survived the hurricane. The first thing that money was used to repair was all the hotels and their tourist facilities so that business did not lose out too much. The money that tourism brings in can be used to improve the infrastructure of the area. However, when large numbers of visitors go to one place it is called mass tourism. Positive and negative impacts of tourism Tourism can provide jobs and improve the wealth of an area. Many developing countries are keen to develop tourism in order to become richer and to improve the, for their people. These impacts are highlighted below. Both use the visitor's interest and curiosity in their culture to become a tourist attraction. . This can have both positive and negative impacts on the area. As I have demonstrated in this post, tourism is a significant economic driver the world over. Ecosystems such as rain forests, wetlands, mangroves, coral reefs, sea grass beds and alpine regions are often threatened because they are attractive places to developers and tourists. The tourism industry also has many physical impacts on the environment. The country can benefit from overseas investment, primarily in the tourist industry, but also in other related industries. Jobs are often seasonal (based on the time of year) and are poorly paid, Most money goes out of the area to big companies, not locals, Local traditions and customs are kept alive because tourists enjoy traditional shows, eg Flamenco dancing, Culture and traditions change as outsiders arrive, Money from tourists can be used to protect the natural landscape, Damage to the natural environment, eg footpath erosion (the wearing away of footpaths), litter, habitats destroyed to build hotels, New facilities for the tourists also benefit locals, eg new roads, Prices increase in local shops as tourists are often more wealthy than the local population, Tourism can create lots of different types of jobs. The growth of tourism has had an economic, environmental and social effect on many countries. The jobs for the locals are often badly paid, with very poor working conditions. Individuals from around the … An inherent aspect of tourism is the seeking of authenticity, the desire to experience a different cultural setting in its natural environment.