Smoked Black Cod … Remember the racks closest to the burner will be done first; place largest and thickest chunks on the bottom rack. Smoked Sablefish or Black Cod This is as close as I've gotten to that classic Jewish deli style "smoked sable" recipe. When fish is done, remove and let cool. As cod has such a delicate flavour I try not try to mask it with flavours other than the smoke. Store Smoked fish in refrigerator. Lightly Smoked Cod. Smoke fish in the oven instead of a smokehouse. Though for Salmon I will usually add chopped fresh fennel leaves/seed or tarragon to the dry … Ingredients: 2 filets of cod… Smokehouses are not available in many areas, and many people do not have the space to own one. It needed nothing else. Basically it's a dry cure and a light smoke, with the addition of some honey … Liquid smoke, which you can purchase at most grocery stores, provides the smoked … Smoking time will vary from 2 to 4 hrs at 160 °F, depending on volume. Freeze fish if it will be stored for more than a few days. Total time: 30 minutes This is a cross between smoker cooking and grilling, and it flavored the cod perfectly: a light smoke and dill combination.