Flowerhorn fish is also known as Lump Head Cichlid, Malaysia Rajah Cichlasoma, Hualorhan, or Luohan. Flowerhorn cichlid is a unique fish with a very interesting behavior, temper and completely unusual appearance. Relevance. Unknown January 27, 2017 at 2:29 AM. Favorite Answer . Get a good filter with around 10x/ hr flow rate, they are messy fish. Reply Delete. how flower horn grow? 3. The Flowerhorn fish has a voracious appetite. 1 decade ago. A 15 gallon tank is not big enough for him even as a juvenile fish. It has been a long time since last post, I thought of stop posting in this blog as i'm not into flowerhorn these days ,I looked at some YouTube videos giving wrong information about flowerhorns and selling it online for huge prices. Replies. how to find out male or female? This way, the sex of the fish is able to be determined. reply #7. soubiswasmahi. Cichlids as a rule aren’t very critical when choosing their couple match, therefore they can make couples not only with their kind, but also with completely different cichlid types. flower horn fish. Scope. Flowerhorns were originally bred in the … Start feeding OKIKO platinum food and you will see the result in 3montgs it contains 60% protein . There are no so called "optimum" times when it should be fed, but it is advisable to feed the fish in small amounts spread over a period of time every day. hai.. i have flowerhorn fish nearly it is 4yrs old.. still i couldn't grow hump for that fish.. please give me a idea, how to grow hump for my flowerhorn.. i use humpy head & highred food for feed.. How to grow better horn in flowerhorn fish - 1. and What to look for in baby flowerhorn? Reply. 3 years ago. Include bloodworms, specialized flakes, brine shrimp, some boiled vegetable in small amout in diet. The sooner you can get him into his forever tank of about 100 gallons with filtration of over 5 times the tank volume per hour the better. Delete. 7.Flowerhorns show their best colours when agitated. I would suggest you look at sites that specialize in Flowerhorn fish. Keep it in a Bare-bottom tank of at least 4'x1.5'x1.5' and ideally 4'x2'x2' - bigger is better 2. Brenda The Spender. There are, though, various sexing methods at any age. I can't find any specific information on how quickly they grow up, though 3 month olds raised in good conditions might be 3 inches long. 1 Answer. While it is more important to focus more on producing high quality fishes, this aspect of the breeding process is equally important. Replies. Answer Save. HOW TO GROW A FLOWER HORN BABY FISH MANY OF US DONT KNOW TO GROW A BABY FLOWER HORN FISH WITH PROPER MAINTENANCE, HERE IS MY POST WHERE YOU CAN LEARN EVERY TACTIC TO GROW IN PROPER WAY AND GET HUMP QUICKLY. Feed several times a day in small amount (what it can eat up in 2/3 mins). Those who decided to keep fish in a tank have never regretted it. How to buy a baby flowerhorn fish? How to Make Flowerhorn Fry Grow Fast A Guide on Improving the Growth Rate of Flowerhorn Fry. A big challenge that comes with breeding flowerhorns is making the fry grow as fast as possible. Sexing them when young is very nearly impossible, even as adults it can be very, very difficult. In order to get the Flowerhorn sex you really want, hobbyists are advised to purchase a fish of 4-6 months of age. Canister filtration is ideal for Flowerhorns due to the amount of waste they produce.