This will ensure that the refrigerator is functioning normally and prevent any possible food loss. Properly close the door, and refrain from opening it too often. Service & repair for your kitchen, laundry, or air product. Haier - Dual Drawer Refrigerator Celsius and Fahrenheit Conversion. The upper drawer will hold items that are up to 12”H. If your appliances have been exposed to water due to flooding, there could be danger of fire or electrical shock. You're ready to watch movies and chill, but your fridge isn't. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. At this time you can adjust the temperature of the fridge/freezer storage compartment. The ideal refrigerator temperature is between 35-40 degrees F (1.8-4 C). If your temperature setting is too warm, change it to a lower setting. It was working fine until we had a hurricane and somebody put the refrigerator and the freezer on the lowest setting so they stay colder longer when the power went out and ever since then, I can’t seem to get it back right because I don’t remember how it was set to begin with. By providing your email address or phone number, we may use it to contact you regarding your question and gain further feedback. Haier refrigerator temperature control 1-7 – Number 7 is the COLDEST Give the mini refrigerator a few hours to warm up. Place an opened box of baking soda in the dual drawer refrigerator, replace every 3 monthsInterior needs to be cleaned. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet when a power outage occurs. I have a 2000 KitchenAid refrigerator model number ktrs22mjxh00. Reseal packaging and throw away old food. Haier Side by Side Refrigerator HRF-619SS latest price, specifications, reviews,images & features in India. Haier - Normal Refrigerator Temperatures The ideal refrigerator temperature is between 35-40 degrees F (1.8-4 C). Your refrigerator was not designed to operate in temperature settings below 55° Fahrenheit.Place the unit on ... Do not store foods in wine cellar. Mold grows from tiny spores that float around in the air. The ideal temperature setting: Fridge is 5℃ and freezer is -18 ℃ If you set the vegetables,fruits or eggs in the fridge, you can set 5℃, if you set other food, you can set the temperature refer to the temperature that it should be stored. Enter your appliance's model number to download manuals for your product. You can also order refrigerator replacement parts and accessories or schedule a service appointment online, 24/7. If you set much fresh meat , fish or much ice-cream in the freezer, you can using the super freeze function of set the freezer temperature under -18 ℃, otherwise, set freezer -18 ℃. Price - Recommended Selling Price (RCP) - RM2,999.00 - Minimum Selling Price (MSRP) - RM2,299.00 . The bottom rear of the compact refrigerator does not come with a cover for the compressor area. Again tap A button, at each tap temperature value increases from … Changing the temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit:°F to °C: Press and hold SELECT for 3 seconds. Occasionally there may be power interruptions due to thunderstorms or other causes. Normal control process: Unlock the panel, when you press the fridge or freezer temperature adjustment key, the characters in the fridge or freezer temperature display zone will flash. Temp # on both fridge and freezer go 1-7. The lower drawer is divided by a step. The interior temperature may not be cool enough to prevent spoilage or the temperature may cause bacteria growth. We do not recommend placing a cover, screen, etc .across this open area. The control will beep once.°C to °F: Press and hold SELECT for 3 seconds. Shop clearance deals at our official Warehouse Store, Haier - Refrigerator and Freezer Rating Plate Location, Haier - Compact Refrigerator Open in Rear, Haier - Dual Drawer Refrigerator Drawer Height / Weight Capacity, Haier - Dual Drawer Refrigerator Location and Clearances. The number on the refrigerator setting dial is 0-9. Haier India presents best Side by Side Refrigerator, side by side fridge & French Door Refrigerators of varying Capacity, Cooling Technology, Colors, & Star Ratings. The ideal refrigerator temperature is between 35-40 degrees F (1.8-4 C). Temperature controls can be found in the back of the fresh food compartment, near the top of the fresh food compartment, or on the dispenser panel.