The Golgari Swarm was founded by parun Svogthir, a human necromancer turned lich to function as the agricultural sector of Ravnican society. Storrev is adept at the politics of court, and she is feared for her power to transform dead beasts into undead horrors.1 In the period leading up to the War of the Spark, the Golgari used the Erstwhile as servants. She was part of a mercenary organization known as "the assassins of the Ochran. Storrev is an Devkarin elven lich and leader of the Erstwhile, a zombie faction within the Golgari Swarm of Ravnica. History Before Ravnica Block The Golgari Swarm was started as an army of elves and outcasts that Svogthir had united as well as legions of undead he himself raised. The Golgari believed you can't truly live until you die. Members of the Golgari Swarm lurk in the fungus-encrusted tunnels of Ravnica's undercity, and revere the natural cycles of life and death. The elves, zombies, insects, and undead-plant hybrids of the Golgari are like one massive, growing, feeding organism, collectively spreading across the plane wherever it can fit. They are the guild of reanimated rot, kudzu-encrusted corpses and mossy mausoleums. Vraska is a black and green-aligned gorgon planeswalker assassin from Ravnica. "12 Later she became the Queen of the Golgari Swarm. The Golgari Swarm is a black-green aligned guild from the plane of Ravnica. 1 Appearance and characteristics 2 History 2.1 Persecuted 2.2 Escape 2.3 Assassin 2.4 Grander plans 2.5 Ixalan 2.6 Guildmaster 2.7 War of the Spark 2.8 Forsaken 3 … The Golgari Swarm is the guild that fuses the opposite values of life and death, fostering growth in Ravnica's decaying communities but also fostering decay in places of growth.