It doesn't have a mouthpiece with it. There are some dents. You'll appreciate the amazing flexibility of scale, ease of response and beautiful, tone quality which this seamless bell of Coprion gives. Questions are always welcome. SMALL PRINT By bidding in this auction. I got this horn from my uncle, Dave Buckley. SHIPPING COST IS $30 TO LOWER 48 STATES VIA FEDEX GROUND. Alaska& U.S. If I miss a tiny broken finger on a doll, etc. Manufactured by Conn?? Be sure to add me to your favorites list! Some are in excellent condition. SERIAL NUMBER 566370(PICTURE 4) 5. It appears that in 1930 there was a reissue of model numbers to the the entire trombone line, and adding to the confusion all trombones were put into new categories with new models. Seller added the following information: A helpful ebayer has email me and informed me more about this instrument. The serial number is L52866. All slides and valve work well. C oprion is not the same as a"rose brass" or"red brass" bell- those are brass bells with a high copper content- Coprion is 100% pure copper. This trombone is in excellent condition and dates back to the late 30's. The slide is smooth with a terrific seal; no bounce when rapidly tested for response. The listing is for a Conn Director Slide Trombone The serial number on the Trombone is PO9072. While others are in great, good, okay, or fair condition. Has Conn hard case with purple velvet lining. Conn 8H Symphony Professional Model Tenor Trombone. I have not tried to play it and I do not know anything about Trombones. Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APO's/FPO's or Internationally. There is what I can only assume is the original case which is in remarkable shape for it's age. The intermediate model 200B is very similar, but has less nickel trim, less hand work in the making of the bell, and no options available. The case is in very good condition, with a well-aged odor like an old library book, but NO musty/moldy odors. Built in large bore Bb. The sheet music holder is broken but could be repairable. It came from an"Organ donor" trombone that was not worth fixing. Bore Bass with Piston Valve to F&E - 8½" Bell. Please ask, thank you. All items sold as-is. 1. The remaining numbers indicated the production number within the month. Tuning slide in slide, red brass bell, #1½ Bore "C" Slide Trombone with Bb attachment - High & Low Pitch, #2½ Bore Simons Duo-Bell Model with 6½" and 8" Bells, #5 Bore Artist Symphony Bass with F-D dual rotary attachments. Buyer may want to invest in another case. It will need to be fit to your trombone. Please ask any questions about this item PRIOR TO the end of the auction. And cosmetically, it is also in good shape, it has some light denting throughout, but the shine is still there. I recently closed a Resale Clothing Boutique and 90% of the items I sold were New with Tags or New Without Tags! This seems to be a fine Trombone. It will need to be adjusted and fit to your trombone. The trombone comes without any shipping cost to any location within the United States of America Some other features are Bb/F key and a lead pipe made of yellow brass. The Conn Trombone Page. Conn 62H Symphony Professional Model Bass Trombone w/ Double Dependent Rotors. I p re fe r it over the 6H model b ecause it has a lighter, faster slide and it really holds together well at Extremely loud volume s. The Slide action is excellent with no signs of wear and is very smooth. I don't know the actual mfg date, since the possibilty of numbers worn off the slide. They have been used a lot and have some wear. It has been used a lot and has some wear. Serial Number UNKNOWN REVISION: Some eBay users have pointed out that this trombone probably dates to the late 1910s or early 1920s. No exchange AS IS means that item is in untested/unknown or not working condition. The rotor moves freely but it needs to be restrung. The leather case has an outer design of flowers& a"gaelic" type of pattern. THIS IS A VINTAGE COUESNON TENOR TROMBONE IN OVERALL GOOD CONDITION. Single owner pro level tenor. Thanks ccloan CA Residents are required to pay sales tax of 8.50% This will be automatically added to your ebay/paypal invoice when the item is shipped within the state of California. A mouthpiece is not included. Aristocrat (1) Bach (41) C.G. AUCTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MB to check out our other auctions. The reason for the two parts is the confusion of models and model numbers of trombones. But it is unsoldered. Seller added the following information: On Jun-14-13 at 19:55:52 PDT. PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION BEFORE EMAILING! I wouldn't normally offer a piece in this shape but these 4H horns are getting hard to find and I think this one is a good candidate for a restoration. Product stands used in photo displays are NOT included. As the bore size changes so does the bell design. The process for producing the Coprion bell was developed by Conn in 1938. he recommended a King 3b or a … Powered by The free listing tool. This instrument has been professionally serviced by our brass& woodwind repair technician and found to be playing in very good condition! Heavy dings around the bend, the spit valve is working. Beautiful shine! This is a used rotor stop arm part for a vintage Conn 50H trombone. There are a lot of dents. Priority mail, and insured. In my opinion, compared to the more common solid brass colored trombones that I've seen. It moves. This is one of those"time machine" horns: i t’s a real beauty– almost like he put it in the closet for 30 or 35 years and didn’t play it(maybe that’s true) And in general, it doesn’t look a day over 5 years old! Asia, Australia, Africa, S. America USPS International Priority: $69.95 USD Russia: $89.95 USD Canada: $54.95 USD AT THIS TIME WE DO NOT SHIP TO ITALY!