As far as Scoville Heat Units, it ranks up around 2,000,000. We ship orders within 36 hours. Hybridní chilli paprička Brown Bhutlah dosahuje extrémní pálivosti. Chocolate Bhutlah. This pepper is painfully hot so a little goes a long way. Based on 3 reviews Write a review. Scoville heat units (SHU): 800,000 – 1,001,304 Jalapeño reference point: 100 to 400 times hotter Origin: India Products and seeds: Bhut Jolokia Chocolate on Amazon The infamous ghost pepper is a devil of a chili: A slightly sweet super-hot with a deceiving slow burn. Same super-heat, with smoky sweet undertones. However, with newer peppers, the ranking can fluctuate until the breed is stabilized. Don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing sweet about this Scoville Sauce. The Chocolate Bhutlah peppers skin has a blistered appearance with a floral flavor, followed by major heat that is intense and burns everywhere all at once. My eyes watered just as quickly as the heat shows up, never really welling past the bottom lid, but it’s close. Chocolate Bhutlah. In the Tezpur region of Assam, India, the arid climate produces the Bhut Jolokia with heat units at only 50% of those grown in more ideal conditions. It's deep smoky flavor and spice kick in immediately and the aftershock continues, even after the mouth feel subsides. The unripe peppers are green, while fully matured, ripe ones are a chocolate brown color. This pepper ranks up to about 2,000,000 on the official Scoville scale.. It’s definitely one of the world’s hottest peppers. After the heat starts, there really isn’t much taste left. Other institutes in India have measured the SHU of the pepper as low as 329,100. (Just not the current record holder yet.) Shipping & returns. Scoville scale ~2,000,000 SHU: The Chocolate Bhutlah is an interspecific hybrid chili pepper from the capsicum chinense plant. Chocolate Plague is a dark, sinister dive into extreme heat. The heat on this Chocolate Bhutlah arrives almost instantaneously with the first chew. Photo Credit: Richard Elzey, Flickr Creative Commons How Hot Is A Chocolate Bhutlah? Proceed with caution! Customer Reviews. It's a hybrid between a Bhut jolokia pepper and a 7 Pot Douglah, hence the name "Chocolate Bhutlah". Ingredients: Seeds. They have an elongated shape and wrinkled skins. Jedna z nejočekávanšjčích novinek pro pěstební sezónu 2015. Popis plodu: Tvary a rozměry u hybridních odrůd jsou velmi různé.Jako střed můžeme uvést, že plody Brown Bhutlah jsou 2 cm široké a … Of all the regions that grow Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, however, not all can measure up to the high standard of one million. After many generations of growth we have decided to release this creation, in collaboration with Steven McLauren & his team. The #1 Shop for Hot Chili Peppers Painfully Hot. 23 likes. It builds incredibly swiftly to an extreme level of burn, even for a small piece of pepper. The Chocolate Bhutlah SM.