Plants can add beauty and a sense of nature to our homes and offices, shopping malls and public spaces. Where there is room for a tall growing plant beside a path tall bearded iris, agapanthus or clivia make excellent border plants. Low-Maintenance Garden Bed These 5 nearly no-care perennials save you work in this low-maintenance garden bed for full sun. Nasturtium (select a compact dwarf variety), petunia (best grown spring to summer) and pansy (best grown autumn to early spring) all suit a sunny spot. All can be grown from seed or planted as seedlings. See more ideas about australian native garden, australian native plants, native garden. Her stunning garden with panoramic views of the Macedon Ranges features a variety of Australian native plants … South it is longer term. They soften hash lines, introduce colour and texture and also offer a welcome to visitors. Cordyline; Ferns; Ficus; Philodendron; Prayer Plants; Flowering Plants. An exciting thing is happening in the world of Australian plants. Mass plantings of native violet (Viola hederacea) or plectranthus species are quick growing ground covers that will enjoy the extra moisture. To reduce maintenance, the best choices are clumping plants with strappy leaves, such as this classic edging of Mondo grass. Refine Search. Repeat planting in a border for a designed effect (Image credit: Leigh Clapp) ... Heathers a hardy, native plants that can provide plenty of interest throughout the colder months. Iris and agapanthus perform best in sun while clivia grows well in a shaded position. Iris and agapanthus perform best in sun while clivia grows well in a shaded position. Many of the Dianella family are native to Australia and their hardiness, long, deep green strappy foliage, and... Kangaroo Paws. This may mean tough grey leaved plants which look very Australian… Double Gold™ will not produce any seed. Tubestock Plants Australian Natives; Australian Natives. Top suggestions include dianthus (varieties such as carnations, pinks and sweet William), thyme, lambs ears (Stachys byzantina), catmint (including Nepeta x faassenii 'Six Hills Giant') and thrift (Armeria maritima). Copyright © 2015 - Best Plants - Oz Breed, Mass planting, pots and low maintenance landscapes or gardens, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA & QLD (in northern QLD it is shorter lived, approx. If they have scented flowers or foliage, plants enhance the journey along a pathway or up and down the steps. Get backyard, front yard ready with our range of outdoor plants best suited to Australian gardens. 10, April, 2020. Laguna™ Sky Blue Lobelia. Bird's nest fern (Asplenium australasicum) With a leathery rosette of foliage, the bird’s nest fern is … NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, WA & QLD (not suited to northern QLD), A compact, wet feet tolerant, evergreen Lomandra with fine leaves, Mass planting, feature plant, garden borders, QLD (does not work in northern QLD), NSW, ACT, VIC, SA & WA, Compact and longer lived with flowers all year round, Gardens, borders, mass plantings and pots, Prefers well drained soils or raised garden beds; will work in heavy soils if you avoid regular wet feet, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA & QLD (in northern QLD it is shorter lived, approx. Australian natives are among the most stunningly beautiful and unique plants grown anywhere in the world, from the gorgeous kangaroo paw of Western Australia to the glorious flowering wattles of the … Tolerates windy and salt laden windy positions, but avoid foredune situations too close to the beach. Strappy Leaved Plants Dianella. The popularity is due to the range of foliage and flowers, as well as the drought tolerant nature of the majority of Australian Native Plants. Easy-care plants and a tall fence make up this design for a garden bed deer won't eat. ), Compact plant with deep purple flowers that sit above the foliage, Mass planting, rockeries, flower gardens, specimen plant, Slightly arching deep green foliage with deep blue flowers, A lace bug resistant, tough specialist landscape Azalea with more blooms, more often, Specimen planting & mass plantings gardens and borders, A tough, lace bug resistant landscape Azalea with stunning striped blooms, Ideal for specimen planting, mass planting and in gardens, borders and landscapes, Ground cover Dianella with vivid blue foliage, Specimen planting, mass planting, borders along fences and paths, 40cm high x 60cm wide; 60-80cm high flowers, Garden beds, borders, patio pots, planter boxes, Denser ground cover with less gaps and blue-grey foliage, Ground cover for mass plantings and gardens, or as a low border, Prefers free draining, but can handle heavier soils in dryer climates, The only medium dwarf Nandina that produces new red growth in spring and autumn, Demands attention with its eye catching hot pink foliage, Specimen planting in garden beds, containers, patio pots, Frost free areas including QLD, Coastal NSW, Coastal WA, Coastal VIC, Coastal SA, and NT, A spreading strappy leaf plant with no canes, NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, SA & WA and New Zealand, Semi-compact form with white and purple striped flowers, 50cm high x 60cm wide; 60-80cm high flowers, Garden beds, borders, patio pots and planter boxes, An ultra compact Phormium with minty green and chocolate brown foliage, Mass plantings as a low border or fill in plant, specimen planting, VIC, TAS, SA, WA, ACT & NSW (not suited to north of Sydney and QLD), Mid-sized Agapanthus with dual coloured white and blue flowers. Plant Breeders Rights: An Australian Native Plant Perspective ; Australian Cordylines - The exotic Cordyline australis is a popular garden subject, but what about the Australian species? Their iconic brilliantly coloured flower sitting atop... Lomandra… Full sun to shade; tolerates moderate drought and frost. Studying native plants and garden design led Kathleen Murphy to create a water-wise oasis at her home where clients can see her work firsthand. “For flower beds and edgings, think of Australian native flowers such as Swan River daisies and kangaroo-paws with their fabulous velvety flowers,” says Roger. And we have heaps for you to choose from. In this website, the genus species and cultivar are listed like this example: Dianella caerulea ‘DCNC0’ is the PBR and cultivar name. Grass Tree. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Colour contrast, small borders and hedges, containers and patio pots. 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