Love the 4047 also and a good friend of mines swears by the 4050 you probably couldn't pry it from his fingers if he was dead. I recorded a 15 piece R&B band a few years ago and used it for tenor & alto , both section and solo tracks. > 2. All rights reserved. What makes Audio-Technica’s new AT4047/SV so attractive is its ability to function well in many applications. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. you can hear some of the differences by yourself at the Audio-Technica website: Different mics, 4050 is multi pattern and transformerless out, the 4047 has transformer out and single pattern. View Profile View Forum Posts May 18, 2019 0 Comments. The AT4047MP is a switchable, multi‑pattern version of the 4047SV fixed‑cardioid mic that has acquired a strong reputation, predominantly as a vocal mic, although it works well on a wide variety of musical sources; and the AT4050 ST is a stereo version of the company's flagship AT4050. This character is achieved in part through its transformer‑coupled output and the tuning of its dual‑diaphragm capsule. 5:25. I used to have a 421 Sennheiser that was great for horns also, wish I would of never sold it. Of these, the AKG C414B‑XLS is an obvious competitor (or the newer and almost identically performing C414 XLS, which uses an electret capsule), as is the Shure KSM44. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. It weighs 524g, and roughly 35mm of the mic's total length is attributable to the XLR output connector, which extends as a stem below the body of the mic. In use, the shockmount proved secure and effective, and installing the mic was straightforward. The AT4047 MP also worked very well on acoustic guitar, grand piano and percussion tracks. I use the 4047 all the time, it's got some vibe. Audio-Technica AT4047/SV Cardioid Condenser Microphone. i own the 4050. very good workhouse versatile mic. On the other hand, we have the AT4040. More important is the different tension of the AT4047 diaphragm. I have owned both and currently still own the 4047. Ours gets lots of use as a go-to mic in omni for a room track, cardioid for an extra guitar cab, etc.... Audio-Technica 40-series comparison vocals male female acoustic guitar, Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio. can't come to a decision: at4047 or at4050 Sign in to disable this ad im at a loss at which one I should get as a big upgrade from my Samson C01 I got from reading around here that the 4047 provides a warm tone thats awesome on male vocals and … AT2020 vs AT4040 – The Ultimate Comparison. It seems many people mention this mic for vocals; but you know, I've never been too psyched anytime I've put it up in front of a singer. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The capsule is a center-terminated design with a 2-micron membrane whose active diameter is 21.4mm. It is marketed as a FET47 "clone", though I am certain that it is not. Choosing A USB Microphone | Audio Examples. in that same price range you might consider a beyer m160 as that is an excellent mic for recording sax and is around the same price. The added flexibility of selectable polar patterns is offset slightly by the raised self‑noise figures when compared to the AT4047 SV, but I think most people will find the compromise more than acceptable. The claim of a vintage sound character is, perhaps, misleading. Both mics do have bumps in the upper mids, the 4050 bump being higher up, so it's brighter sounding than the 4047. if you don't really record in omni or figure 8 then maybe the 4047 is a better choice, cheaper, more "mojo" and for sax a darker mic might be just the ticket. Shure 다이나믹마이크 SM7B - Duration: 15:26. I haven't worked with the 4047, but I can tell you that the 4050 is a great mic for sax. at4047 vs at4050; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I admit it, it’s a pretty great microphone, but is it the best? I have a pair of 4050s, they're are definitely a great all around mic. The AT4050 is one mic I did actually buy, and it's been my solitary "good mic" for years now. I'm looking for a "high-end sounding" mic that doesn't have to cost a fortune but rather around 900$. Just when you thought it was over.........MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Win! It absolutely kills for kick drum. The AT4040, on the other hand, is a real seductress. Audio-Technica have added multiple polar patterns to one of their already successful designs, bringing increased versatility in the studio. My only gripe is that I would have preferred more than just a single polar pattern. The 4050 is a bit more hifi if that makes sense. It's cardioid only, and like the AT4050, it has switches for … The AT4050 is only US$50 more than the AT4047 and offers extra features just that little extra money. Good for room mic applications for blending with close mics. One Synth Challenge V - The Filter Strikes Back! Useful as a single drum overhead for lack of a large mic selection. A good all-around mic, although it can be a bit boring on vocals. I've also used EV RE-20s/ PL-20s and really like them too. Both mics do have bumps in the upper mids, the 4050 bump being higher up, so it's brighter sounding than the 4047. The total dynamic range is specified as 141dB, based on a maximum SPL (for one percent THD) of 155dB SPL (rising to 165 with the 10dB pad switched in) and a self-noise figure of 14dB(A). Also supplied in the kit is a dust cover and a foam‑lined vinyl carrying case. The capsule is a true DC‑polarised design, requiring a standard phantom power supply, from which it draws a modest 3.4mA. it is comparible in price and purpose to an akg 414 b-uls though i find that the 4050 is more open sounding. How should you pan vocals when double-tracking? So I think we can take that claim with the proverbial pinch of salt: the AT4047 MP is certainly a quiet and clean‑sounding mic, but not exceptionally so. Omni: Ability to record several sources onto one track, ie: vocal ensemble with less worry about squeezing everyone into position on one side of the mic. To me, the AT4050 isn't the kind of mic you fall in love with-but more a really good, versatile workhorse. Use a cardioid on acoustic and omni on vocal. AT4040 vs AT4047 For Contrasting Sound; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.