The National Council is the nation’s voice of mental health and addiction providers who care for 10 million adults and children. OTHER RTK COURSES AVAILABLE. Trauma Recovery Model United Kingdom United States of America World Health Organization Washington State Institute for Public Policy . “A bad childhood doesn’t have to define you as an adult” The Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit uses a trauma informed psycho educational model believing that by giving individuals knowledge we enable them to better understand and deal … The Combined Adult, Children and Young People Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Recovery Toolkit Training Course lasts for 3 days and successful delegates will be qualified to deliver Rock Pool’s Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit programme, and the Children and Young People ACEs Recovery Toolkit programme. The toolkit … THE ACES TOOLkIT FOR PROVIDERS What’s In The Toolkit? The Adult Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Recovery Toolkit is a 10 week group programme for women who have experienced and are still living with the effect of ACEs. We hope our ACE survey journey is instructive to a community of providers that wish to use the findings of the original ACE study to strengthen their work in the areas of direct services, community education and policy reform. With the introduction of the ACEs recovery toolkit in September 2018 the project will provide bespoke training to those affected by ACE’s that have resulted in emotional trauma and are willing to participate in a group. In total 12 parents completed the 10 week programme, including 3 who have care of their grandchildren under Special Guardianship orders. The toolkit is designed for use by facilitators working with parents, families and young people, following a two day training workshop provided by Rock Pool. Carol Beddow, Team Manager, Family Support Service, Hampshire County Council has shared some initial findings and feedback from their first completed Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit programme. The ACEs Recovery Toolkit was produced by Rock Pool for people working with individuals or groups who have experienced ACEs. Rock Pool Training in Recovery Toolkit with ACEs. This will support us to pilot the ACEs toolkit and identify future need. Growing up in the face of … From our experience the primary ways that the ACE survey can support agencies in effectively catalyzing … The programme provides guidance on the protective factors that help mitigate the impact of ACEs, and practical methods for individuals developing the resilience they need for themselves and for their children if they have them. Understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences: 75% of families […] To better address trauma in primary care, Kaiser Permanente and the National Council for Behavioral Health (National Council) launched the Trauma-Informed Care Primary Care: Fostering Resilience and Recovery initiative to develop, test, disseminate and scale a field-informed … ACE Recovery Toolkit SP Sue Penna Member We have developed a 10 week group programme using a Trauma Informed model to educate Parents who have experienced high ACEs on their own resilience and protective behaviours and to help them develop skills to develop resilience in their own children. The ACE’s Recovery Toolkit is run over 10 weeks and provides guidance on the protective factors that … Responding to adverse childhood experiences | 5 1.1 About this report Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are stressful events during childhood that can have a profound impact on an individual’s present and future health (Section 1.3). The toolkit aims to educate and inform parents/carers about the impact of ACEs on them and their children. … The Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit is a 10-week programme that has been written to educate and inform individuals about the impact of ACEs on them and their children if they have them. Training course.